Jia Le Channel Ep 2 Tomb Hunters

Jia Le Channel.

EP 2 Tomb Hunters

Charles and Raymond Goh are brothers and history buffs who play a pivotal role in uncovering forgotten parts of Singapore’s story.

Through lost relics in dense forests and ancient tombs in Bukit Brown cemetery, the brothers seek to bridge the gap between the past and present. In reconnecting descendants to their ancestors, the brothers seek to help people trace their lineage and understand more about their family’s history.

Aptly named “Tomb Hunters”, the Goh brothers are no strangers to lost tombs and the stories behind them. In understanding the importance of heritage and its relationship to the country’s identity, they aim to share their discoveries and knowledge, hoping to generate interest amongst Singaporeans to step forward and be involved.

This episode is an exploration into the amazing journey of tomb hunting with the Goh brothers. Through their infectious passion and never-say-die attitude, history will never be forgotten or neglected.


本地大名鼎鼎的吴氏兄弟,人称“古墓猎人” ——想从古墓探知历史秘辛?想认祖归宗?找他们就对啦!