Get to know Singapore's pioneers at Bukit Brown

04 April 2014

Get to know Singapore's pioneers at Bukit Brown

Remembering our nation's pioneers who are buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Bukit Brown Cemetery, located amongst lush greenery along Sime Road, is one of the oldest graveyards in Singapore.

Created by the British colonial government in 1922 as a municipal cemetery, Bukit Brown has been through turbulent times - it was closed in 1973 and faced the threat of being cleared, although clearing plans eventually fell through.

The burial ground stayed mostly forgotten until recent years, when nature-lovers and heritage enthusiasts rediscovered it and fell in love with the history and culture that it embodies.

Today, a group of volunteers - dubbed the Brownies - lead guided tours through the mountainous landscape, in a bid to inspire others to take up interest in the rich heritage.

During the Qing Ming Festival, a day when we honour and pay respects to our ancestors, we remember our nation’s pioneers who helped make Singapore what she is today, and now lay at rest in Bukit Brown.

Here are five prominent pioneers of Singapore whose tombs can be found in Bukit Brown.

Text and photos: Ng Jia Yi
Additional photos: Liu Zhi Hao