What about a memorial garden for Bukit Brown?

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Nov 27, 2013

What about a memorial garden for Bukit Brown?

THE National Heritage Board (NHB) developed the Bidadari Memorial Garden in 2004 to commemorate the history and heritage of the former Bidadari Cemetery after the graves were exhumed.

The gateway as well as selected tombstones and relics from the cemetery were some of the items relocated to the memorial garden.

Will the NHB consider building a memorial garden for Bukit Brown Cemetery too?

The construction of the highway will affect more than 4,000 graves, including those of a number of historical figures such as: - See Tiong Wah, the municipal commissioner from 1916 to 1930. He was instrumental in setting up Bukit Brown Cemetery with Tan Kheam Hock. He was also a Justice of the Peace and president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce;

- Ho Siak Kuan, the chief Chinese translator for the Straits Settlement government;

- Khoo Kay Hian, the founder of stockbroking firm Kay Hian and Co, which is now known as UOB Kay Hian;

- Khoo Seok Wan, an accomplished poet and probably the most prolific literary figure in early Singapore; and

- Lim Kim Seng, a municipal commissioner and Justice of the Peace, who helped set up Ngee Ann Girls' School, which eventually became Ngee Ann Primary School.

There is also a cluster of Qing era tombs (circa 1830s) that should be considered for preservation as well.

The NHB can do more to protect and preserve selected tombstones and relics that are of significant historical and heritage value.

Goh See Chen (Ms)