Cemeteries closed in 1973

Taken from Bukit Brown Heritage Singapore Facebook Group:

This is the list of the 42 cemeteries that were closed by the Commissioner of Public health, Dr Koh Thong Sam, on 22nd Jan 1973.

1. Unnamed Muslim Cemetery at Palmer Road.
2. Keramat Habib Noor at Palmer Road.
3. Keramat Iskander Shah at Cox Terrace off Canning Rise.
4. Kubor Lama at Mosque St/Pagoda St.
5. Perkuboran Wakaff at Irwell Bank Road/River Valley Road.
6. Unnamed Muslin Cemetery at Istana grounds opp Buyong Road.
7. Unnamed Muslim Cemetery at Arab Street.
8. Tanah Perkuboran at Jalan Kubor/Rochore Canal Road.
9. Unnamed Muslim cemetery at Jalan Sultan/Victoria Street.
10. Tanah Perkuboran Kampong Soo Poo at Kg Soo Poo off Kallang Road.
11. Tanah Perkuboran Race Course at Race Course Road/Tessensohn Road.
12. Jewish Cemetery at Orchard Road.
13. Ngee Ann Kongsi Burial Ground behind Tan Tock Seng Hosp grounds.
14. Private Family Cemetery at Thomson Road opp Chancery Lane.
15. Private Family Cemetery opp Fernhill Road/Stevens Road.
16. Private Family Cemetery next to Bt Theresa off Kg Bahru Road.
17. Gan Eng Seng Cemetery at Kheam Hock Road.
18. Private Family Cemetery at Whitley Road.
19. Heap Guan San Cemetery at Kg Heap Guan San, 4ms Telok Blangah Rd.
20. Unnamed Muslin Cemetery at Kampong Bahru Road/Telok Blangah Road
21. Tanah Perkuboran Telok Blangah at Marang Road.
22. Telok Blangah Perkuboran Marang Road at Marang Rd/Telok Blangah Rd
23. Keramat Panjang at Lorong 1, Geylang.
24. Tanah Perkuboran Kallang at Kallang Rd next to Firestone.
25. Unnamed Muslim Cemetery at Kallang Road next to Firestone.
26. Keramat Khatijah at Lorong 40, Geylang.
27. Unnamed Muslim Cemetery at Guillemard Road/Lim Ah Woo Road.
28. Hindu Endowments Board Cemetery at Lorong 3, Geylang.
29. Lee Cheng Heang Cemetery at 4-3/4ms Upper Serangoon Road.
30. Private Family Grave at Jalan Hock Chye.
31. Kwang Siew Suah Cemetery at Bukit Timah Road/Clementi Road.
32. Private Family Burial Ground at Cheng San Road.
33. Sin Hock Suah at Tampines Road 9 m.s.
34. Unnamed Muslim Cemetery at Siglap Road end.
35. Kubor Kampong Siglap Lama at Upp East Coast Rd/Jalan Sempadan
36. Kubor Tok Penghulu Lasam at Jalan Sempadan
37. Tanah Perkuboran Pulau Sebarok at Pulau Sebarok
38. Kubaor Wakaff Tanah Merah Kechil at Upper East Coast Road
39. Kubor Wakaff Kampong Tengah at PonggolRoad/Jalan Kg Tengah
40. Kubor Lorong Baling at Loring Baling
41. Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Florence Road/Poh Huat Road
42. Japanese Cemetery at Chuan Hoe Avenue off Yio Chu Kang Road

Govt Gazette of 4 January 1973 Supplement No S40 made under The Environmental Public Health Act, Chapter 155 Section 109(I).

31 cemeteries closed by the order of the Commissioner of Public Health on 22nd September 1973.

1. Chinese Cemetery at College Road - rear of Faulty of medicine.
2. Chinese Cemetery at Junction of Holland Road/Lorong Jodoh.
3. Chinese Cemetery at Sommerville Estate Road.
4. Chinese Cemetery at Malcolm Road.
5. Chinese Cemetery at Fifth Ave off Bukit Timah Road.
6. Chinese Cemetery at River Valley Road.
7. Chinese Cemetery at End of Greenleaf Lane.
8. Tan Tock Seng's Burial Ground at Outram Road.
9. Chinese Cemetery at Loriong A-Leng off Paya Lebar Road.
10. Keramat Ganja at junction of rangoon Rd/Race Course Road.
11. Keramat Allauddin Shah at Sultan's Mosque, North Bridge Road.
12. Muslim Cemetery at Jalan Tentaram.
13. Keramat Panjang at Ringwood Road off Arthur Road.
14. Muslim Cemetery at Jalan Hajijah.
15. Muslim Cemetery at Bukit Kasita off Kampong Bahru Road.
16. Keramat Panglima Prang at River Valley Road.
17. Kubor Wak Tanjong at Kampong Wak Tanjong Mosque, Paya Lebar Rd
18. Keramat Habib Ismail at Upper Bukit Timah Road 8-3/4m.s.
19. Keramat Radin Mas at Mount Faber Road.
20. Chinese Cemtery at Anthony Road opp Winstedt Road.
21 Chinese Cemetery between Tanglin Road and Jervois Road.
22. Chinese Cemetery at Alexanda Road.
23. Chinese Cemetery at Silat Road.
24. Chinese Cemetery at Whitley Road.
25. Chinese Cemetery at Railway, North of Kampong Bahru bridge.
26. Chinese Cemetery, side of Railway at Tiong Bahru.
27. Chinese Cemetery at Whitley Road.
28 Chinese Cemetery at Whitley Road.
29. Chinese Cemetery at Farrer Road.
30. Chinese Cemetery at Lorong Koo Chye.
31. Chinese Cemetery at Havelock Road.

1973 was the bumper year for cemetery closures by the government.
Apart from the previous 2 lists of 42 and 31 cemeteries, here are the others that were closed in 1973.

1. Bukit Brown Cemetery Lot 25-4,29,30 & 33 of Mk17 (01.01.1973)
2. Chinese cemetery at Tanglin. Lot 12-17,19,20 &32 MkII (10.01.73)
3. Bidadari Hindu Cemetery Lot 41-40 &41-42 Mk 24 (10.01.73)
4. Bidadari Christian cemetery. Lot 42-8, 41-7 41-8 Mk24 (10.01.73)
5. Tanjong Kling Muslim Cemetery (Peng Kang) Lot 753 (10.01.73)
6. Bidadari Singhalese Cemetery Lot 41-8 Mk 24 (29.01.73)
7. Unnamed Muslim cemetery at Kampong Tebing Terjun. (07.02.73)
8. Old Christian Cemetery at Canning Rise (13.03.73)
9. Chinese war Emergency Burial Ground at Coronation Road (13.3.73)
10. Tan Tock seng Hosp Burial ground Plantation Ave (13.3.73)
11. Middleton Hosp Burial Ground (Infectious Disease) at Upp Serangoon Road 5-1/4 m.s.)
12. Hokkien Cemetery (Kopi Sua) Lot 111-11,9 & 13 Mk 17 bet Mt Pleasant Rd and Whitley Road.
13. Hokkien cemetery (Lau Sua) Lot 111-15 Mk 17 at Kheam Hock Road.
14. Hokkien "Ong" Cemetery on both sides of Adam Road near junction of Kheam Hock Road.
15. Bombay Dawoodi Bohra Fund Muslim Cemetery at 431 Serangoon Road.
16. Kubor Wakaff Muslim Cemtery Lot 293 at VIctoria St.
17. Tanah Perkuboran Bukti Purmei at Bukit Purmei.
18. Chinese cemetery at Chua Chu Kang Rd 16m.s. L44Mk12 (16.04.73)
19. Chinese Teochew Cemetery at Sungei Kadut Kranji L71&81Mk11 (16.4.73)
20. Chinese cemetery at Siak Kuan Road.(16.4.73)
21. Muslim cemetery at Kampong Ayer Bajau.(16.4.73)
22. Muslim cemtery at Wing Loong Road.(16.4.73)
23. Muslim Cemetery at Pulau Ubin - batu Daun.(16.4.73)
24. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong - Kampong Seminea.(16.4.73)
25. Muslimn cemetery at Pulau Tekong Kampong Salabin.((16.4.73))
26. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong Kampong Seyangkong.(16.4.73)
27. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong kampong Batu Koyak.(16.4.73)
28. Muslim cemtery at foreshore Pulau Sakra.(16.4.73)
29. Muslim Cemetery at Jalan Bahar L183 Mk9. (16.4.73)
30. Muslim cemetery at Lorong Akar (16.4.73)
31. Muslim cemetery at South Seletar Mk20. (16.4.73)
32. Muslim cemetery at Ponggol End.
33. Muslim cemtery at Kampong Loyang.
34. Muslim cemtery at Nicoll Drive Mk 31(16.4.73)
35. Muslim cemetery at Paulau Ubin Kampong Chek Jawa
36. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Ubin kampong Surau
37. Muslim Cemetrey at Pulau Ubin Sungei Durian.
38. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Ubin Kampong Bahru.
39. Muslim Cemetery at Pulau Tekong Kampong Pasir
40. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong Kampong Sayongkong.
41. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong Kampong Ayer Sama.
42. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong kampong Semenei
43. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong kampong Ayer samak
44. Muslim cemetery at Pulau Tekong kampong Pahang.
45. Hindu cemetery at Mk 19 Lorong Nayang North Seletar.(16.4.73)
46.Peck Kong Chinese cemetery at Bukit Peropok (Jurong Hill) (18.04.73)
47. Kwong Wai Siew Peck san Teng cantonese Cemetery at Kg san Teng/Thomson Road/Bradell Road. (08.08.73)
48. San Kiang Shanghainese Cemetery at Jalan Rimau off Jalan Eunos.
49. Kwong Ngee Swa Teochew cemetery at Upp Serangoon Rd 4-3/4ms.
50. Tanah Perkuboran Sekijang Pelepah at Lazarus island.
51. Tanah Perkuboran Pasir Panjang at Zehnder Road.
52. Hock Eng Swa Hokkien Cemetery at Lor Panchar off 6th Ave Bt Timah.
53. Kwong Meng Swa Chinese (Buddhist) cemetery at Bright Hill Drive
54. Kheng Chiu Tin Hou Kong Hainanese cemetery at Bright Hill Drive.
55. Sam Fo Ee San Teng cantonese Cemetery at Upp Changi Rd 6-1/2 ms.
56. Kubor Wakaff Teban at Lorong Sulam off Jalan Eunos.
57. Kubor Kassim at Siglap Road.
58. Kubor wakaff Siglap darat at palm Drive off Upp East Coast Road.
59. Yin Foh Fui Kuon Cemetery Reburial Site at Mk 4 Commonwealth Lane.
60. Unnamed Muslsim cemetery t Hajjah Fatimah Mosque jalan Sultan.
61. Tanah Perkuboran Ulu Pandan at end of Greenleaf Lane.
62. Lui Chwee Suah cemetery at Jalan Lembah Bedok. (15.11.73)
63. Hock San Teng Hokkien Cemetery at Upp Changi Road 8-3/4 m.s.
64. Wah Su-ua Teng Teochew cemetery at Hwa san Road Upp east Coat Road.
65. Wah Su-ua teng Teochew cemetery at Jalan Tiga Ratus.
66. Kubor wakaff Nyaii at Parbury Avenue.
67. Tanah Perkuboran Islam at Plywood Road off West Coast Road.
68. Kubor Wakaff Tanah Merah Kechil at Upp east Coat Road.
69. Kubor Wakaff Seranggong Kechil at Ponggol Road 8-3/4ms.
70. Tanah Wakaff Perkuboran at Pulau Seking.
71. Church of Our Lady of Nativity Cemetery at Holy Innocents Lane/ Upp Serangoon Road.
72. Parsee Cemetery at Jalan Bumbum Selatan off Jalan Hong Keng.
73.Burmese Buddhist Cemetery at Jalan Bumbum Selatan off jalan Hong Keng.
74. Unnamed Muslim cemetery at Nicoll Drive 15-1/2 ms.
75. Pasir Panjang Military Cemetery off Ayer Rajah Road vis Dover Road. (15.11.73)
76. Bidadari Muslim cemetery Lot 41-11,23,42 &43 MK 24. Upp Serangoon Rd (17.12.73)

Perkuboran = Perkuburan = Cemetery
Kubor=grave Tanah=land. Burial Land or cemetery.

Compiled by James Tann