The Beginnings of Bukit Brown

The beginning of Bukit Brown cemetery ------ a land first owned by Wee Hee (grandfather of Wee Theam Tew), being grant no 6, Survey No 1058, an area of about 211 acres, ie covering a major part of current Bukit Brown, later bought by the 3 Ong clan pioneers. A map from NAS on their website first showing Land lots at an unmarked location in Singapore with a land for a public Chinese Cemetery, said to be c1878 which Beng Tang identified as current Bukit Brown near to MacRitchie , and which was later confirmed by Mok Ly Yng. Charles is also able to mark grant no 6 which was first owned by Wee Hee which he signed in 1856 with the East India Company ...

 Land Lots at an unmarked location in Singapore, believed to be around MacRitchie reservoir, Bukit Timah and Dunearn covering date c.1878

Historical Land Lot Numbers in the Greater Bukit Brown Area



Size of Bukit Brown

Based on a Facebook discussion on 16 March  2012
Size of Greater Bukit Brown

Bukit Brown Cemetery - 173.606 acres
Seh Ong Cemetery - 83.351 acres
Lau Sua - 98.367 acres
Kopi Sua (Proper) - 37.039 acres

Historical Land Lot Numbers in the Greater Bukit Brown Area Mukim 17 (XVII) - Toa Payoh

From MLY - Here are the modern (as at 2013) land lot boundaries superimposed with that of Survey No. 1058's. Survey No. 1058 should in theory align exactly with Lot 25-4 and all of the pink Seh Ong cemetery lots.

Also added the old land lot numbers for the lots in BBC and the immediate adjacent lots. The Seh Ong (Taiyuan Shan) lot that was carved out to form BBC is Lot 25-4 (now MK17-99303N).

 BBC is comprised of 4 lots: 25 part, 29, 30 & 33. Don't know if 25-1 meant its old no. or that it had 1 part of 25.

1) The total area of the 4 lots in 1952 = 173.625 acres (173A 2R 20P)
But in 1973, it was only 173 acres exactly, 0.625 acres were lost.
2) The area for Lot 25 part (25-1) in 1952 was 97A 3R 25P = 97.90625 acres
Lot 29 - 52 A 3 R 28 P
Lot 30 - 14 A 9 R 20 P
Lot 33 - 8 A 1 R 07 P
In 1973, the area for Lot 25-4 was 97A 2R 25P = 97.65625 acres. In 1973, the area for Lot 25-4 was short of 1 rood (0.25 acres).
The original area in the land deed was 97A 3R 25P = 97.90625 acres, same as the 1952 area.

Land Lot MK17-99303N, which encompasses BBC Blocks 1,2,3,5 has an area of 0.3981 sq km or 98.373 acres.which is acquired by the Govt from the Seh Ong Cemetery then.
Therefore Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery  include the 98 acres acquired from Seh Ong Clan, plus Blk 4, and other adjacent areas.