Remove Lornie Road traffic light to ease congestion

ST Forum
Mar 27, 2012

Remove Lornie Road traffic light to ease congestion

TO EASE congestion along Lornie Road, the Land Transport Authority has decided to build a road through Bukit Brown Cemetery and it is expected to be completed by 2016 ('Green path for new Bukit Brown road'; last Tuesday).

Meanwhile, motorists still have to put up with congestion along roads leading to Lornie Road, such as Adam Road, Farrer Road and as far back as Queensway during the evening peak hours.

One major reason for the congestion is the traffic light at the junction of Lornie Road and Sime Road, a private road leading to the Singapore Island Country Club.

Compounding the congestion is the narrowing of four-lane Adam Road to three lanes just before this junction.

The traffic light should be removed and if that is not possible, at least change the operating hours.

Currently, the traffic light does not operate during the morning peak hours from 6.45am to 9.30am, so as not to contribute to congestion. This non-operating period should be extended to the evening peak hours.

Edward Lim