The concern is about the trade-offs

ST Forum
Dec 1, 2011

The concern is about the trade-offs

WHILE Mr Ang Chin Guan's intentions are well-received ('Let's be practical on land use'; Monday), he may have missed the essence of conservationists' arguments.

The issue is not about the utility of road expansions and new roads - of course, that is something everyone appreciates. Rather, the concern is about the trade-offs and cost that we as a nation will incur.

At the same time, citizens are also concerned about the coherence of the developmental plans, bearing in mind the Government's repeated exhortations to residents to drive less and utilise public transport.

Can the funds earmarked for Bukit Brown and the North-South Expressway be utilised for other projects which are in line with a more sustainable and civic-minded land-transport vision?

Proper understanding and management of trade-offs lie at the heart of civic discourse and, ultimately, effective governance. The genuine interests of citizens and residents should not be ignored in the name of pragmatism.

Kenny Ching

Massachusetts, United States