Where Confucian values are still observed

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Nov 13, 2011

Where Confucian values are still observed

I visited Qufu, the home of Confucius, where his 2.5-millennium birthday was to be celebrated, and where many of the tenets of Chinese culture - such as good universal education, respect for one's ancestors and family - were established

A government scholar, however, told us that these values were being eroded in the face of urbanisation, globalisation and materialism sweeping China.

The country is losing its moral compass and the education department is trying to teach Confucian principles in schools.

Bukit Brown is a place where Confucian principles are still actively practised by Singaporeans.

Just visit the site during the Qing Ming Festival and you will see many families paying respect to their ancestors. This tradition is for the living and helps cement family ties.

Bukit Brown is not just land for the dead, or for horse-riding or birdwatching, but a place to practise a living tradition and understand our identity.

Dr James Khoo