Holistic strategy for Bukit Brown

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Nov 12, 2011

Holistic strategy for Bukit Brown

Letter from N Varaprasad

NOW that the Government has announced that the redevelopment of Bukit Brown will proceed, attention has shifted away from the proposed bypass road from Upper Thomson to the PIE interchange at Lornie/Adam roads, to the development of the old cemetery. It also appears that the road will proceed first as a priority to reduce congestion along Lornie Road.

Over the past few weeks, I personally went to experience the peak morning traffic from Upper Thomson to the AYE (the outer ring road system), starting respectively from Mandai, Yio Chu Kang and MacRitchie. I did so twice from each point.

While the traffic was not fast-moving and was slow in places, this was more due to various traffic lights or the occasional accident.

The flow was generally smooth especially along Lornie Road, and the only bottleneck was at the exit to Commonwealth Avenue. After that, flow was good as the road emerged to become the ultra-wide and underused Portsdown Avenue.

However, the jam was transferred to the rest of Queensway heading towards Bukit Merah.

I would like to suggest that the proposed bypass road through Bukit Brown be planned and built as an integral part of the new development, primarily serving the residents there, rather than as an alternative route to the PIE.

That way, the redevelopment need not be built around this road, but as part of a holistic urban plan.

Based on my experience as recounted, there is no need to rush to construct this new road as the congestion is bearable and road speeds acceptable.