Building new road not the solution

Today Voices, Oct 3, 2011

Building new road not the solution ...

It could become part of wider problem in future
Letter from N Varaprasad

I THANK the Land Transport Authority for highlighting, in the letter "Building roads only one part of urban transport solution" (Sept 27), that Lornie Road is part of the Outer Ring Road System.
This is an important aspect of the ongoing debate on the proposed road cutting through Bukit Brown.

Leaving aside the environmental impact for a moment, it becomes clear that the new road should not be seen in isolation, but as part of a wider system.

Hence my question is, what will happen further downstream? Farrer Road is already an eight-lane, two-way road and is heavily used and congested during peak hours. What will happen when the additional flow hits the narrow underpass under Commonwealth Avenue?

Do we keep on widening our roads and expressways ad-infinitum as we are doing now? Building the new road is not the solution; rather it will become part of a wider problem in future.

The solution lies in reframing the issue of land transport from one of speed and mobility to one of accessibility. If we can all access what we need with less travel, I am sure we will all do so. Driving around Singapore is not a touristic experience, unless you are a tourist.