BUKIT BROWN CEMETERY- Tough decision in face of housing needs, says URA

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Jun 11, 2011


Tough decision in face of housing needs, says URA

IN HIS letter on Monday ('Don't shut a window to history'), Assistant Professor Irving Chan Johnson shared his views on the importance of ordinary places in Singapore's history and their role in forging a sense of national consciousness.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) shares Prof Johnson's sentiments, and has been consciously conserving both built and natural heritage in our planning for Singapore.

For instance, just across the road from Bukit Brown is our Central Catchment, a large protected tropical nature reserve which has a special place in the hearts of many nature lovers.

Elsewhere, we have also been actively conserving buildings, structures and streetscapes that are familiar and endearing to Singaporeans.

Planning for the long-term in land-scarce Singapore does require us to make difficult trade-off decisions.

While we cater for conservation, we also need to balance it against other needs in the community, such as housing for people. Bukit Brown is needed in the future for housing.

Ler Seng Ann

Group Director (Conservation & Development Services)
Urban Redevelopment Authority